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Technological Freedom


We have no technological bias. The only thing that counts is the efficiency and solidity of the solution adopted to ensure the sustainability of the projects.


Each solution has its advantages and disadvantages. The reflection on the best compromise always aims to protect the project in which we invest. This is the best guarantee we can provide.


Team building / staffing


We recruit from our internal and external teams to mobilize the best resources at the right time. In accordance with the Zappik methods, all point resources are aggregated jute when required.


The mix of resources is managed at short notice according to technical requirements and changes to be made if necessary. You don't have to worry about it, it's managed.




We develop intelligent agents, APIs, automata (bots), complex algorithms, blockchains, virtual or augmented reality applications, medical applications ...


No project can resist our engineers and data processing experts. Your project requires exotic technology? ... consult us, we have the solution.

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Do you have control over your market, your products and need to innovate/optimize? We help you by operating and investing in your project.

  • Your turnkey Innovation subsidiary
  • No disruption of your business
  • We co-invest in your project

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startup, innovation


We build your project from the idea. No longer worry about looking for teammates or funding.

  • Turnkey dream team
  • We provide development
  • The expenses are paid

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expert innovation


Do you have the expertise? invest it in innovation and generate recurring income

  • Take part in motivating projects
  • Value your expertise
  • Co-invest with us

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investor innovation


Access validated, de-risked and secure projects

  • Reduced exposure, increased shareholding
  • Stakeholders co-invest with you
  • Ethical funding

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