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Why joining Inno Angels?

  • Create passive income

    At Inno Angels, you help SMB to grow and get immediate revenues and passive income on your portfolio of partner companies.

    We offer you to be involved into stunning projects in which you can intervene alongside the ither resources who are like you rewarded on results.

    • Your are paid immediately on each new contarct
    • You get long-term recurring income (% of sales)
  • You help the businesses of tomorrow to flourish

    Be part of a virtuous ecosystem where your value and your experience will be used to create successful businesses.

    Your interventions will be crucial. The supported projects are all selected for their potential and you will provide your support because you are interested in their success.

    All the other players are like you, rewarded on results. All united to ensure the success of the projects in which you invest.

How does it work?

  • Contribution of skills

    We negotiate a contract with partner companies in which we invest 80% of the HR cost:

    • You get a % on the business generated
    • You can market the created products ans offers

    You don't have to pay a membership fee.

    You build a portfolio thanks to our investment

  • Mutualization

    Inno Angels invests its entire organization in order to pool the strengths of the network and the experience of the experts who join us.

    Together, we are developing a new virtuous ecosystem where projects are de-risked and where investors have a better return on investment.

    You will be able to communicate and promote your expertise using the success stories you have been involved in.

    And we are counting on you in return to increase our communication capacity in order to attract more projects and investors.