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The subsidiary solution dedicated to innovation

  • Innovation 80% cheaper

    At Inno Angels, we invest our resources at 80% in return for a percentage of sales.

    Our goal is to quickly generate business from what already exists by separating the innovation activity so as not to disrupt your business.

    • All human resources are immediately available and ready to invest
    • No fixed load and no employees, only experts who intervene at the right time. This is a rule we set to ensure the success of your subsidiary.
  • No complex procedures, everything is turnkey

    We take care of everything. Set up the company, prepare aid and innovation grants, organize interventions, manage budgets, etc.

    The risk is greatly reduced because your subsidiary will have all the skills without recruiting an employee. Your subsidiary will be able to progress quickly by opening up new markets and testing new approaches in your business area.


  • Prerequisites

    We carry out an analysis of your project at the technical and business level.

    Once the analysis is done, we have a roadmap and a budget estimate.

    The analysis can reveal flaws or insufficiencies in your project and will save you precious time for the rest. It will make it possible to improve it to make it eligible or to abandon it if it is deemed too risky.

  • After validation

    When your project is eligible, we handle of all the steps.

    We setup all the required expert resources that will work by investing 50% of their mission.

    If you need financing, we prioritize putting together complex financing / grant files and presenting the project to investors if necessary.

    The funds injected into the company are used to pay the resources provided at -50% of the initial bill.

  • Your role

    Your role within the project will be to provide the vision, the knowledge of your field, and to quickly make prototypes or adaptations of your products to the new sales channels.

    You will be freed from all the other tasks of your subsidiary and will be able to rely on our expertise to develop you through innovation.

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