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Project analysis

Each project needs to be analyzed to see if it is worthwhile to get involved. Submit your executive summary and let's talk business.


Our experts analyze the technologies, options and calculate the resources required. You know where you are going and can decide how much investment in your project will be made available to ensure its technical realization.


Open negotiation


We believe in the freedom to choose without being pressured. Each project in which we invest is the result of a free agreement between us, the financial investors and the project leaders.


Our methods of remuneration are varied and can mix the methods of return on investment to ensure the project a minimum charge allowing it to ensure its sustainability.


Presentation of financial investors


If your project is selected, we are able to present it to our network of capital investors and industrial partners if you wish.


Our analysis and our investment allows you to access innovation aid and bank or crowdfunding. It is an additional advantage to propel your project.

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Do you have control over your market, your products and need to innovate/optimize? We help you by operating and investing in your project.

  • Your turnkey Innovation subsidiary
  • No disruption of your business
  • We co-invest in your project

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We build your project from the idea. No longer worry about looking for teammates or funding.

  • Turnkey dream team
  • We provide development
  • The expenses are paid

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Do you have the expertise? invest it in innovation and generate recurring income

  • Take part in motivating projects
  • Value your expertise
  • Co-invest with us

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Access validated, de-risked and secure projects

  • Reduced exposure, increased shareholding
  • Stakeholders co-invest with you
  • Ethical funding

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