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The Co-investment solution

  • Lean bootstrapping

    At Inno Angels, we invest 80% of human resources cost.

    In this way, project leaders can focus on the tasks they master, the rest is taken care of.

    • No unattainable goals, we are progressing step by step and pivoting quickly if necessary to adapt to constraints and opportunities.
    • No fixed charge and no employee. It is a rule that we set to ensure the success of the projects in which we invest.
  • A winning ecosystem

    Each stakeholder invests in the project in which he participates. Success is a common goal.

    The risk is greatly reduced for all players and the benefits are easier to realize. Project leaders are released and have all the resources they need. In the end, the project is much more likely to succeed because all the players invest in it.


  • Analysis

    We decide to invest in a project after it has been analyzed at the technical and business level.

    A project validated on these two points becomes eligible for our investment.

    The analysis can reveal flaws or insufficiencies in your project and will save you precious time for the rest. It will allow you to improve it to make it eligible or to abandon it if it is deemed too risky.

  • Production

    When your project is eligible, we take charge of all the steps by offering the file to investors if necessary.

    If you have the means to start the project, we will take care of putting in place all the required expert resources who will work by investing 50% of their mission.

    If you need financing, we prioritize putting together complex financing / grant files and presenting the file to our co-investors.

    The funds injected into the company are used to pay the resources provided at -50% of the initial bill.

  • Your role

    Your role within the project will be to provide the vision, knowledge of the target area, and quickly sign the first pre-sales and strategic partnerships.

    You will be freed from all other tasks and will be able to do what we expect of you: develop the business with the help of the experts who are at your side.

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