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Technical base

Creating a startup is an exciting adventure but also a very stressful one. Taking the risk of setting up an innovative business on a weak technological base is too risky for any investor.


We bring our development expertise from more than 20 years of digital innovation projects to make your project solid, attractive and less costly financially.


Dream team


Don't waste your time looking for a CTO or a technical partner. The risk in human startup is critical, especially in digital. Put the odds on your side by having a solid and flexible technical staff.


Your technical dream team is there to ensure the success of the business and react immediately in agility to customer needs. Manage the business, not the stress of managing a team of geeks ...




We invest 80% of the technical cost alongside your BA or VC investors. Actually, you seriously increase your chances of success and so do we.


Each project is analyzed technically and in terms of its potential for development. When we suggest you invest in it, it's because we know we can take it very far.

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We build your project from the idea. No longer worry about looking for teammates or funding.

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  • We provide development
  • The expenses are paid

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